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A fierce blizzard stretches over the sky. 

The wind howls through the piercing cold. 

The snow beneath your feet feels solid, but you know it will be impossible to navigate through.

Your goal is to simply get home and get warm. It would be a simple walk.

Or so, you thought.


The Realm of the Dead is a short 2D pixel art platformer. You can use your arrows as platforms and for solving puzzles. Explore this mysterious world to escape, so you can get home.



Fancy table thing for controls, if you didn't catch the tutorial text.

KeyboardXbox Controller
MoveWASDLeft Joystick
ShootArrow KeysLeft Trigger/LT
(Use Right Joystick to aim)
Recall ArrowsQX


Developer Comments

I have no idea what even is this project anymore. The dead? Bones? The purple spikes that cover the top and bottom of the world? But it's pretty special to me, either way at this point. Beware of performance issues, because the enemy AI for some reason in Corgi Engine eats up everything (or I'm doing it all wrong).

I tried using the Corgi Engine a lot with this project, and I was in a hell in for a ride. Some of this stuff is still really broken, but I guess I'll learn with time on how to fix this faster. The player bug when automatically walking forward was oddly excruciating to fix.

It ate most of my time and now I don't even have a game with the actual theme in mind. Whoops. At least I have an animated character that took a few days total, but looks cool! The atmosphere is really strong too, with my newer games.

I'm typing this at 4:30 am, I really need sleep... zzz...



I don't know seizures, but at the end of the game, there will be a cut-scene where it fades from white, to back to the game, to black, in about a 3 frame time-span. It definitely stung my eyes. I don't know if this is dangerous for epileptic people (probably is?), so be warned!


If you give it a try, please leave a comment! 

I'd love to hear what you think about my game.



The Realm of the Dead - Windows 23 MB
The Realm of the Dead - Linux 30 MB
The Realm of the Dead - Mac OS X (Untested) 27 MB

Development log


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not bad dude! keep making games


I encountered some sort of bug where the player constantly runs to the left, not really playable.  

Odd, no one has had that issue from what I know. I'd like to ask a few questions.

Firstly, are you on Windows, Mac, or Linux? And have you tried restarting the game? 

There was a flipped character movement bug that took days in the jam to fix, but I don't think it would softlock the game, so I think it's unreleated? Please get back to me if you do relaunch it!

I was playing in Windows, there was no controller connected either so I ruled out that issue.  Seemed strange, because I only usually see that type of issue with analog controllers.  I did try restarting the game a couple of times but the issue persisted.  

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I've sent you a Discord message. Hopefully we can figure it all out from there!
EDIT: Solved!


I freaking love it. Wasn't SPACE at all, but it's a very good surprise in every aspect. Good job!


Thank you! :D yeah, wished I didn't end up stumbling on literally everything to get some form of the idea I had for the space theme. Still pretty happy with the results!


This game is Amazing!! The Atmosphere sucks you in from the beginning. The puzzles are the perfect amount of difficult just a great game to check out. Are there any plans to expand this world!? 

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I'm working on another game called REGRET and expanding on that right now (although it doesn't have any cool mechanics right now). I'll think about it for sure, since this game actually has game mechanics ;)

EDIT: Oh yeah, I seriously appreciate the YouTube video! It helped me make last minute tweaks that should help with other players in the future.