Quitting the game doesn't work on the HTML5 build! Don't click that button on the menu or else you will have to refresh the page. 


Down in a pit, feeling the rocks below, you get up. But you're not in your bedroom, by any chance.

If anything, you're far from your bedroom. 

It's only you and the whimsical spirits. Or are you?

You can also use an Xbox One controller (except for the title screen menu I think).

Attribution: m3x6 font by managore:


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Spirits of the Unknown (Linux) 29 MB
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Amazing game dude, I loved the art style and the spirits representing one person in general. The story took its time and explained things quite well without going too personal and I really loved it. 

The platforming and attack animations are not too crazy but they add a fun little feeling to the game. Awesome game. :)