A downloadable really stupid shitpost for Windows

A gaem mdae in 69420 hours for the TimTam

Take control of a dumb lawyer fighting for a dear friend that is charged of murder, Inspired by SmallBoss's fav game of all time (Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney)

Made by SmallBoss (and NOTHING SUSPICIOUSLY MODDED in any way, shape, or form by TheSomeoneXD, if you didn't know you're getting an earful.)

Music by Rath

Testing by ofo, zombie (refraction and SmallBoss modded version)

(all of them are probably SmallBoss's friends .. he loves them <3)

Install instructions

If you think this is the real version, you should probably get your eyes checked. (totally not a reference to anything)

If you are looking for the actually real totally fake and modded copy, USE THIS instead from the original creator.



Modded Version of Eagle Write 2 Turnabout in tim's trial.zip 4 MB

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