A downloadable HORRIBLE GARBAGE for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A game made in 1 hour 30 minutes! Enjoy this hot, steaming pile of garbage. Especially you when you start trying to play the game.
You have been warned.

No seriously, don't try it. It hurts.

I blame this guy for making me do it, on the Game Dev Underground Discord server. Thanks for suggesting I should do this! I can say I'm doing things now other than procrastinating.

Install instructions

First, don't even try the game. It'll only take 30 seconds for you to delete it forever, without meaning.

Second, if you do try this game, make sure you are not prone to getting horribly sick. You will become light-headed trying to play the game as intended.

Lastly, the visuals will burn your eyes. Make sure you are playing in daylight and are not effected by bright, slowly flashing lights.


Linux Files (Untested) 31 MB
Mac Files (Untested) 16 MB
Windows Files 14 MB

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